About Us
About Us

Our History

Orlean Technical Solutions was founded in 1998 to serve the technical innovation needs of the energy industry. We are dedicated to helping organizations find new, innovative solutions to business challenges, resulting in greater value to our clients and their customers.

Since our inception, Orlean Technical Solutions has served most major oil companies, equipment manufacturers and energy industry contractors in a wide range of applications around the globe. Our facilitated workshops and consulting services provide a clear roadmap to human ingenuity within today’s competitive business environment.

Founder and President

Robert Orlean founded Orlean Technical Solutions in 1998, after 17 years at Shell Oil Company, where he held a variety of leadership roles in engineering, management and research.

Robert holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of London’s prestigious Imperial College. He is a SAVE International Certified Value Specialist (CVS) and a Certified Innovation Master by IHS Invention Machine Corporation, the world’s leading provider of innovation software. He is also trained and certified by the Herrmann Brain Dominance Institute to deliver Whole Brain Thinking technology.

100% Confidentiality

Client information is carefully guarded and protected. This includes:

  • Proprietary materials
  • Plans and business intentions
  • Conversations, materials or sensitive information

We do not divulge client names or the nature of their work without explicit permission. All testimonials on this website are provided by real people, companies and situations, though some names appear undisclosed due to the high confidentiality requirements of their business.

“Robert’s ability to cut to the heart of the challenge and prioritize the issues saved my company time and effort, and led directly to viable, innovative and efficient solutions for the most difficult problems in my Deepwater Drilling Project.”

Deep Water Drilling Manager, Major Oil Company