Event Planning and Facilitation
Major Event Facilitation and Analysis

Maximizing Group Input

Orlean Technical Solutions provides a broad range of facilitation and planning services to address your most challenging technical, commercial and political problems.

Facilitation Services include:

  • Alignment of project partners behind commercial and technical strategy plans
  • Engaging government and operator parties in developing countries
  • Developing customer forums for manufacturers of major hardware systems
  • Rationalizing and standardizing product strategies
  • International Industry Forums on deepwater projects risks and emergency response
  • Defining corporate R&D programs
  • Conducting Team Alignment Workshops
  • Inventory Turns Reduction campaigns

Typical facilitation engagements follow this sequence:

  1. Carefully plan and coordinate with project sponsors to define the desired outcomes
  2. Craft the necessary processes and materials to support a successful, high-energy workshop with clear usable results
  3. If needed, set up FeedbackManager — proprietary audience feedback software that makes it easy to collect very focused responses from the attendees
  4. Interpret FeedbackManager results and make recommendations
  5. Implement recommendations
  6. Document resulting outcomes
  7. Facilitate follow up efforts as needed

Recognizing your investment in time and resources, workshop attendees can expect intense, efficient, high-energy sessions, thus ensuring maximum value. In customer-focused workshops, we also work offline with your company’s attendees to convey observational skills and listening techniques that enhance their depth of understanding. These concentrated programs address specific problems that demand precision, in-depth analyses and actionable results.

“Many thanks for a fine job of facilitating this great event. It would not have been as fruitful without you. I was truly amazed to see how well you managed to keep the effort rolling towards the goal, with all the opinions and views out in the open.”

Chairman-International Energy Industry Workshop