Customer Satisfaction Building
Customer Satisfaction Building

Capturing to the Voice of the Customer

Leading companies compete by being “first to market” with cutting-edge products and services. They continually review, improve and make their products so extraordinary that they become the ultimate value choice.

Voice of the Customer

Companies that sustain this leading-edge performance must maintain a deep, intimate understanding of customer needs — the “Voice of the Customer.”

Orlean Technical Solutions uses proven Voice of the Customer methodologies and tools to focus on customer perspectives. Working with companies and teams, we:

  • Conduct effective, in-depth customer interviews
  • Capture and convert customer insights into usable knowledge
  • Diagnose and prioritize underlying messages
  • Transform what you learn into actionable next steps

FOCUS on results

FOCUS is a five-step continuum. It keeps business decisions focused on customer-driven preferences, not personal or organizational bias, instinct or technical expertise.


FOCUS Process

  1. Frame the project, its boundaries and execution plans
  2. Organize resources to execute the plan
  3. Collect customer data from the right mix of customers
  4. Understand the information collected, and analyze it to gain insights
  5. Select the issues to address and create specific paths forward

FOCUS can be applied to a range of challenges, typically to:

  • Clarify a suspected problem or weakness
  • Define an opportunity
  • Understand a complex or strategic issue

“The Voice of the Customer process prioritized the real issues around the relationships with our global customers. It allowed the team to craft credible, remedial measures across our global customer base, thus gaining needed management support for the solutions.”

Team Leader-Global Customer Satisfaction, Major Oil Company