Maximize your investment with Strategic Growth Principles

Strong, consistent growth is the key to long-term survival. That’s why the world’s most successful companies excel at continually identifying and developing new and innovative products and services. But where to great growth ideas come from?

Ideas that pay

In an ideal world, company decision makers would intuitively know which growth strategies have the greatest opportunity for success BEFORE they invest in them. However, that is rarely the case. Instead, companies must think strategically and invest time and resources wisely to avoid earmarking funds toward dead-end ideas, knowing that there will always be attrition as new ideas progress through development stages. But what if you could harness the power of successful growth strategies in your business?

Strategic Growth Principles

Your teams can greatly improve innovation success through our proprietary Strategic Growth Principles, a guiding framework for the creativity process — one that delivers high-quality growth ideas, not a scattering of random ones. These proven, time-tested principles can be applied across vastly different industries.

Growth Opportunities Workshops

A typical workshop connects your key innovators with specific profitability drivers. Participants learn to focus creative energy in directions that are most likely to yield new, market-leading products and services. Our goal is to harness and capture innovation, dramatically raising the quality of ideas generated.

Putting these concepts in place, your teams will:

  • Leverage scarce innovation resources
  • Focus resources on high-potential, high-value pursuits
  • Maximize results by out-innovating your competition

“Orlean Technical Solutions enabled my company to break through its frustration with plateauing revenues. Working with the growth principles process, we instigated major change in product and service, yielding 6 new business directions. Four developed into major value-creating business opportunities. Sales grew dramatically, increasing the value of our company by 30%.”

President - Offshore Contractor