Software Assisted Innovation
Software Assisted Innovation

Extend the Range of Ideas Generated in Your Value Engineering Workshop with TRIZ-Based Software

What is TRIZ?

TRIZ is a multi-faceted theory of inventive problem solving based on the premise that “inventiveness need not be a random act.” TRIZ guides users to apply a range of tools that have historically led to patented inventions.

When is Software Assisted Innovation needed?

Traditional Value Engineering relies on the knowledge, judgment and creativity of the VE team members to generate new ideas. When this is not enough or the situation demands a radical new solution, we enhance the VE process with TRIZ-based software to stimulate the creativity process. Thus, the software works to complement traditional brainstorming and to assist in the crafting and cataloging of ideas.

Primary TRIZ tools include:

  • Inventive Principles: 39 abstract concepts that underpin most inventions to date.
  • Contradictions Matrix: An index of likely applications of the Inventive Principles based on overcoming engineering challenges.
  • Trends of Evolution: A list of typical, predictable trajectories for systems’ evolution over time.

What are the benefits of adding this enhancement to your VE sessions?

Software Assisted Innovation will help you:

  • Identify next generation designs that bring a step-change in performance and value
  • Improve innovation speed while enhancing the quality of ideas
  • Create patentable new concepts or features that set you apart from your competition
  • Build your intellectual property inventory
  • Develop viable workarounds to competitor patents


Software Assisted Innovation delivers patentable new concepts, providing a strong competitive advantage for your company. It’s like bringing together the world’s most inventive minds to solve your problem.

“The software assisted study that Robert led was the catalyst for the creation of an entirely new generation of ROV system now widely used in the offshore sector. The results include:

  • Capital cost reductions of 35%
  • Same level of improvements in operating expenses’
  • Easier and faster deployment
  • New customer-preferred features that save time and money offshore
  • Patented design features ”

John Edwards, President, Canyon Offshore Inc.