Risk Management
Risk Management

Your chances of success increase exponentially when project plans are strong and robust.

Orlean Technical Solutions delivers an intense workshop-based contingency planning methodology — using proprietary software RiskManager, which yields stronger, more resilient plans for your projects. Then use RiskManager to update and monitor progress on your risk mitigation steps as your project moves ahead.

The RiskManager process is based on military methods that identify:

  • Where your plans could go astray
  • Preventative measures to keep plans on track
  • Remediation measures in the event things don’t go as planned

The results of a RiskManager workshop include:

  1. Specific actions to make your project plans more robust
  2. Quantifiable measures of how much your plan has improved
  3. Defined ownerships and investment needs

Upon completion, your team will have a more thorough understanding of plan details, a stronger sense of project vulnerabilities and ways to react when the inevitable upsets occur.

Instant Access

Use your project’s RiskManager dashboard for managing and monitoring your progress toward risk reduction. See and update your risk status at a glance on any web-enabled device, any time, anywhere. Now you’re managing your risks!

“The Risk Manager workshop was highly successful. I think it also helped pull the team together a bit more. Well done!”

Senior VP International Drilling Contractor


“It does not do to leave the dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.”

J.R.R. Tolkien, Author